The (r) evolution in Fitness

EMS stands for Electrical Muscular Stimulation

Here at Touch Clinic Day Spa we offer EMS Fitness Training with a personal trainer in attendance to coach you through your session.

This training method uses a special training suit worn by the client during the training sessions.

The suit has built-in electric impulse pads, which are powered using wireless communication with an App on an iPad, which the personal trainer administers during the workouts.

In traditional training, muscles are controlled internally by the brain, which causes contraction and movement.

In EMS training, however, the muscles receive electrical impulses externally through the suit. Due to the inability of our muscles to differentiate between internal and external signals, this allows the muscles to contract without a signal from the brain.

EMS is gaining increasing attention among athletes, fashion models and weekend warriors. It has the potential to assist in the following: weight loss, low-impact strength training, body toning and skin firming. The best part, it only takes 20 minutes!


If you would like to try, we have a test training session offer for 20.00 euros

Sessions of 20 or 30 minutes

Option 1 - Price per session : 45.00 €

Option 2 – Pack Electrofitness 5 Sessions : 200.00 €

Option 3 – 129.00 € per month (1 x per week)

Option 4 – Pack Electrofitness 10 Sessions : 350.00 €

Come and meet us, contact us for more information.


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